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The process of choosing a WordPress web hosting company is paramount. Make the wrong decision, and you may face a stressful situation down the road after investing all that time and money into making it work. It is possible to boil down the factors of choosing a WordPress web hosting company into some key areas. This post reveals the seven key elements that make for an outstanding WordPress hosting company. 


Speed & performance

Performance holds extreme importance in the selection of a WordPress hosting plan.

Imagine gaining vast traffic on your site but surprising all your excited visitors with lagging or broken pages. Poor WordPress hosting can cause all your efforts to go in vain, so don’t ever risk going for a hosting plan that does not offer good performance. The best practice is to keep an eye on your server’s RAM, CPU, and disk space usage. 



Regarding scalability, the critical aspect of a host is flexible plans that can accommodate all kinds of sites. Furthermore, you’ll need sales and support teams that are willing to take the time to recommend specific hosting packages depending on your requirements, as well as inform you when it’s time to consider upgrading to accommodate your growing website.



Most web hosting services have uptimes over 99.5%. There a very few in the sub-99 % region. We say this because most web hosting companies of repute have excellent uptimes. While it doesn’t seem much, if 0.1% significantly impacts your income from your website, it becomes rather important. Otherwise, it is not something you need to concern yourself with.


A trustworthy hosting

There are thousands of companies out there vying for your business, while many may just be trying to make a quick buck out of you without really providing any support when you may need it the most. Luckily for customers, web hosting reviews for almost every web hosting company are available all over the web nowadays, which can give you a fair idea about the service, support, & features offered by the company. 


Right security

Anyone working with computers understands just how vital web security is. Fortunately, there are plenty of hosting providers that understand clients require robust security measures. These hosts will build several server-level protections to keep your site secure.



Pricing is generally the most critical factor for users opting for a WordPress hosting plan. You will be lured to choose the cheapest options, but many low-priced hosting plans fail to meet your basic requirements. Always analyze the pricing plans of any hosting provider before deciding your final selection. Ensure no hidden charges are involved.


With customer support

Website being managed and looked after by a team of WordPress experts not only minimises the risk of downtime but also means you have exclusive access to expert technical support. When shortlisting companies, look for providers with a separate team specifically for WordPress Hosting support. This assures that they will take up the responsibility of ensuring that your WordPress blog or website remains secure.

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